Winner of the Economic Development Board Singapore Innovations Award, The Gill Mask is invented and designed in Singapore by a group of established medical engineers and health care experts in response to the recent global face mask shortage. 

1. Cost Savings

Gill Mask is an eco-friendly reusable silicon respirator with a detachable cartridge that allows for easy filter replacement, extending the life of a single-use mask by six times. Given the 2 year life span of the mask. It cost less than P6 a day to use the mask with a surgical mask filter. In addition, given that the filter is housed in a cartridge and does not touch the face skin. One filter can last a whole day as opposed to using a surgical mask that can only last for 4 hours on one’s face.  In addition, it will cost less than P35 a day to use the Gill Mask with a N95 Filter insert that is also produced by Gill Mask Labs Singapore

(Available in Aug 20).


2. Air Tight Seal

for added protection

The Gill Mask Face was developed at a time where it was unclear whether the Covid 19 virus can be transmitted through water droplets alone or even through the air. The Gill Mask labs therefore designed a mask with an air tight seal facepiece without gaps to provide safer and more effective protection for users. Designed with a collation of 3D Facial Data of human face contours and shapes, the Gill Mask facepiece is designed to provide a good fitting on a human face using approved silicon materials that will not cause skin irritation and bruising with extended wear. The use of Gill Mask is suitable for extended wear and perfect for Front Liners.

3. Made from Biocompatible and Sustainable Materials

The Gill mask is made from a combination of plastic, rubber, neoprene and silicon in accordance to the highest medical standards. The Gill Mask is skin friendly, can be easily sterilized in boiling water or with household disinfectant. The adjustable strap allows for snug fit without side gaps for effective protection for users. It is suitable for use in a hospital environment and other frontline facilities and establishments.


Gill Mask respirators are produced in Malaysia by industrial-grade ISO 13485 compliant medical-grade factories and certified as a personal protective equipment (PPE). Materials used to produce Gill Mask comply to FDA standards. It has received exemption approval from the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA) to distribute the respirator mask as a medical product.

Gill Mask provides comfortable, sustainable and cost-effective protection for anyone seeking a solution against airborne contaminants. The innovative adaptable cartridge design is first of its kind and ensures cost savings, a high-protection comfort fit with long-lasting durability and less maintenance.